Basic Facts about Colon Cleansing at Home

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Small Meals
When preparing for a colon cleanse at home, you may be wise to eat only small meals such as soups and broths. Heavy meals might put more pressure on your colon and reduce the effectiveness of the cleansing procedure. Having broths and soups after you are over the immediate effects of the procedure may help your body to replenish the electrolytes lost during the colon cleanse. Maintaining the necessary electrolyte balance is essential.

Water Intake
The colon cleansing process may cause dehydration. Your state of hydration must be monitored and maintained to reduce occurrences of headaches or other symptoms. Check with your doctor about what sort of fluids you might drink. Stay away from carbonated drinks.

Your colon also has various good bacteria that helps easier digestion of your food. A colon cleanse might wash away many good bacteria. They must be replaced. Some people claim that Probiotics are a suitable source for replacing good bacteria to repair the necessary balance in your body.

Vitamin or Nutrient Supplements
Your colon cleanse may wash away some essential nutrients from your colon. Some people believe that taking suitable nutritional or vitamin supplements may help in easing the absorption of valuable minerals into your body. Many people use vitamin supplements that include vitamin C as they say it may help to keep your immune system strong and possibly protect your body from some infections. You should discuss whether it is a good idea for you to take vitamin supplements during this time with your doctor.

Detox Bath
A detox bath, which involves bathing in hot water containing herbs, is claimed to help remove body toxins through your skin. The routine which I read suggested that you wrap yourself in a blanket after taking the bath to promote sweating which is claimed to help to remove some toxins from your body. But, you should refrain from such a bath unless your doctor advises it as part of your treatment. I don’t know of any documented research which supports these procedures.

Eating Habits
Your body normally eliminates much of its waste in the morning. Some people say that it is best to avoid eating any heavy food during this period. But, many authorities recommend a healthy and sustaining breakfast.

Fibrous Foods
Fibrous foods are usually considered very good for the health of your colon. Although some fruits and vegetables are among the richest sources of fiber, you may also eat nuts and other foods that are high in fiber.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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